Substance is Style: The Contextual Report


Featured Image: © Sony PlayStation 25th Anniversary

Style is Substance: The PS1 Aestheticis a Digital Artefact consisting of a critical analysis of the low-poly (PS1) aesthetic and its sudden rise in popularity on modern hardware. It’s accompanied by a demo showcasing the skills I have gained by applying an analytical framework when conducting my research into the topic. The critical analysis was created in mind to help newcomers in game development understand how the PS1 aesthetic came to be and give a real-world example of how one may implement a nostalgic art style in their own games with little to no experience.

To best understand how this critical analysis is structured and how it covers such a broad topic, I’m going to break down the analytical framework I’ve used to inform my textual analysis and how its implantation has shaped my project. Once that’s been established, I will explore…

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