Freddy’s Final Night

Taya Gregeron

This semester in Game Media Industries I explored an all time favourite game of mine, Five Nights at Freddy’s (FNAF). Through the critical analysis of my analytical framework, which looked at media archaeology, cultural capital, and paratexts, I was able to produce a series of works for my digital artefact.

My DA consists of my own Redbubble store which features a collection of 3 of my digital illustrations of some of the game’s main characters in the form of pillow cases, pins, masks, stickers and more.

To display my works across multiple platforms, I have also posted 3 reels and 1 post to my instagram page. Here I showcase the creative process behind designing these illustrations throughout time lapsed screen recordings accompanied by associated fandom music, as well as promote my final designs available in my store.


After deciding to explore Five Nights…

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