BCM 215 Contextual Report – My flashy DA!

vibe avenue

The purpose of a digital artifact is not only to solidify an online presence through various digital mediums but also a way to share and produce content for an intended audience. Moreover, a challenge was imposed to address the objective behind the Game Media Digital Artefact challenge. That being said, I chose my focus of study while closely relating its functionality to three critical concepts within the subject. The analytical framework utilized within my DA implemented three essential ideas; Technology, Structural Comparison, and Fandom. This shaped and dictated the type of content I posted in order to reach my target audience, as well as an extended demographic using other platforms. My digital artifact centered around the 2006 online-multiplayer game Roblox and the trajectory of the fashion world. Through my Instagram and TikTok pages, I established a link between the two by diving into how Roblox’s virtual world is influenced by…

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