Pokemon in the year 2004

Wein Project

Pokemon FireRed was released in September of 2004, making it 18 this year (2022). This is a game that I have recently been playing as I make my way through all of the previous games up to the most recent in anticipation for the new releases. If I was to be analysing FireRed from 2004, there would be a number of things I would be interested in knowing about.

The first thing I have been interested about is the technology available in 2004. I have been playing FireRed on the Gameboy Advance for nostalgia. However, I remember as a child that this game could be played in both the gameboy advance and the Nintendo DS as many of my friends played it on both consoles. The Nintendo DS was a huge step forward in my personal gaming experience, with a portable device that could play and save multiple games…

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