The Bones of Style is Substance: Explaining My Analytical Framework


Image: © Guerrilla Cambridge, MediEvil 1998

By now, I’m sure you are sick of me harping on about my analytical framework whenever I talk about Style is Substance. So as a reward, I’m going to explain each element of the analytical framework I’m using in detail.
Now, this post may be a little redundant as I will be drawing heavily from the (perhaps too in-depth) explanations of the analytical framework I gave in my pitch. I will, however, be explaining what they are on a conceptual level and explaining how incorporating these specific elements of analysis into my framework has benefited the construction of my DA.
I’ll start with a short video explaining what each part of my analytical framework is conceptually. This should make how they are incorporated into my DA much clearer.

The structuralist account and review of formal elements in a given set of games, both…

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