Knowing Me, Knowing You: A Critical Self-Reflection


Image: © Abba Knowing me, Knowing you MV

We often compare ourselves to others – I’m sure you’ve scrolled through Instagram and thought: “Why can’t I make my … look like hers?” or “Why don’t I have a six pack like him?” These are the shallow, passing reflections we have when comparing ourselves as we are to what we want to be. But what about comparing yourself to others who aim to do something similar to you? And how may you reflect on your own process through an understanding of how another person has decided to attack such similar subject matter?

That’s exactly what I’ve attempted to do by commenting on three Digital Artefacts that I was interested in – in an effort to understand my own on a deeper level.

Launch of ‘Leah Games’:

Leah’s Digital Artefact involves creating a ‘Let’s Play’ channel, revisiting games she played in her…

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