Co-op Story Mode: Participatory Elements in My Game Media


Image: © Golden Eye 64

Note: This article heavily features concepts from Joost Raessen’s analysis of computer games. Check it out here.

One thing I’ve been thinking about recently is the concept of gamification and how video games are the primary form of participatory media we have widely accepted in our everyday lives. This thought came to me while I was getting my licence renewed. As I waited in the uncomfortable bench seat (you know the ones), I watched a sweating teenager meekly tapping a screen every couple of seconds. She was completing the Hazard Perception Test in an effort to get her L’s, and, as I’m sure younger readers will know, she was basically playing a game based on her reaction times in a given virtual situation.

This, to me at least, was amazing. I don’t think she realised, judging by how nervous she was, that she essentially was…

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