Analytical framework surrounding call of duty trickshotting

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My analytical frameworks mainly associates around the term Paratext, and how it associates itself within the game media. A quote from Consalvo explains paratext “as texts or artifacts that surround a central text, lending that central text meaning, framing, and shaping how we understand it” (Consalvo, 2017). Consalvo discusses the idea how paratext goes beyond just he game media itself, and how audiences engage beyond just the text from the game itself, making something new.

This representation explains my framework with the call of duty trickshotting community. This community thrived on experimenting with the game’s engine. Discovering new elements from the game (new trickshots, out of map spots,glitches.) Basically, exploiting bugs or intentions not made by the developers. The relationship goes beyond just playing the video game, it’s creating a community surrounding a medium which is call of duty. For an example of this, FaZe clan…

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