Analytical Framework: A deep dive into my deep dive of storytelling in video games, concisely told in much more than 300 words… sorry.

That Generic Nerd

I’m ThatGenericNerd, I’m looking at storytelling in video games and how it works, intro intro intro, lets analyse my model!

When I first pitched my analysis of storytelling, I had a threefold model investigating storytelling techniques in video games through traditional narrative elements, gameplay and world design.

I was going to investigate these elements in two games which told stories in this medium very differently, being The Stanley Parable and Celeste.

As I began playing these games and researching through countless video game analysis videos, I decided my model was missing vital pieces.

This video on the nemesis system used in Shadow of Mordormade me realise the player is also a vital part of storytelling in this medium and would be necessary to include in an analysis on their stories.

I also realised that world design as a category could easily be separated into narrative elements of setting…

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