Another Game Media Analysis (Fun)

Better late then never

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When discussing how the analysis towards my digital artefact is handled one must presume it’s being looked at through a few perspectives, and it is. Through these perspectives I am able to analyse my game media which is board games, and then see how something translates to a digital game, or vice-versa which is then to help me to develop, expand, curate and build my own board game which is currently under production. These concepts that I am going to briefly discuss are going to be associated with board games and computer/video games (not really digital games) as these concepts are probably the best ones to overlook when choosing which perspective to analyse game media. For the most part, board games will be the main focus here.

Historical Perspective

Assassins Creed 2 (I think it’s the second one, it doesn’t really matter here)

Historically, games have been around forever…

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