Why League of Legends is not a good game (#bcm215)

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When I was first introduced to the game, I was hooked. The gameplay was great and felt satisfying, with a wide range of different champions to choose from and different roles to fulfill in a team. But as I kept playing, there were certain factors that really made the experience go from fun to avoiding the game completely.

League of Legends had been made when the MOBA (multi-layer online battle arena) genre had really started to take off, being released in 2009. The MOBA genre had mostly originated from Starcraft, where players would create a three-laned map which you would have to use in order to get to the enemy base, which at the time was a very unique game mode idea and later on had developed into a proper game genre. With a game mode that brings a lot of competitiveness, comes a lot of toxicity.

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