The Analytical Framework (#bcm215)

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When it comes to my digital artifact, there are some areas or elements of analysis that I will be using for the aspect of content creation for the digital artifact.

As a part of my analytical framework, paratextual analysis is one of the key areas of analysis I will be using, where I create videos on old games that may have a few mods in order to have a more modern experience. Modders are able to change or reconfigure the paratext of a game through using their own interpretation of representation of a game through creating mods, if it be simple overhaul mods, content add-ons.

According to Raessens, the act of reconfiguring a game can be classified as being active in the participatory culture, where its a bottom-up heterogeneous form of participatory culture (Raessens 2005).

I will be linking this form of analysis to archaeology of the game media that…

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