Fallout 1 & 2 – A Paratextual Shift (#bcm215)

The Vorrias Blog

Fallout 2 was a fairly successful follow up to the original Fallout game, still retaining the isometric view with the turn-based grid system combat system, although the game isn’t much remembered ever since Bethesda’s acquisition of the rights to the Fallout name in 2007.

But when Interplay Entertainment was working on the game, the story and the events of which unfold would be some of the most important and interesting in what is canonical when it comes to the Fallout franchise.

Starting off with the original Fallout, it starts off with the vault dweller who is sent out from Vault 13 in order to get a replacement water chip, as their current chip had failed. The vault dweller, or rather the player, has to complete the task of getting the water chip back in 150 in-game days before the timer runs out. After completing this task however, you have to…

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