Critical Self-Reflection (#bcm215)

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After the release of my digital artifact pitch, I was able to get some feedback/suggestions about what to think about, or if there is anything I should add to my digital artifact. These suggestions were compiled as comments on a blog post I released alongside my pitch, which I will be discussing in this post (note that the comments shown will be anonymous for privacy reasons).

This comment really made me reflect on what time period of games that I will be looking at, and so far I have two games that I will be looking at; Fallout 2 and the original DOOM games, with Fallout 2 being released in late 1998, while DOOM 1 and DOOM II were released in 1993 and 1994. I never really thought of the time frame of what can exactly be classified as ‘classic’ or ‘retro’ games, but whenever I heard about a game…

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