the moral misfortune of ‘miss bimbo’

charli mackenzie

TikTok has driven a resurgence in the 2000s ‘bimbo’ aesthetic, with creators such as Chrissy Chlapecka and Kate Muir propelling the growth of BimboTok. Rolling Stone’s interview with BimboTok creators frames this as a feminist and political movement, wherein “part of the goal … is to present a stereotypically feminine message accompanied by a caption that undercuts the visual message” (Dickson 2020).

However, this wasn’t always the case.

Enter Miss Bimbo, the English counterpart to French fashion & social networking game Ma Bimbo. The game, as described by Reddit user u/popcornomicon, revolved around players being assigned an average-looking doll, and they would then need to accumulate Bimbo Dollars and Bimbo Attitude to level up and become the number-one bimbo.

A screenshot of Miss Bimbo‘s gameplay. Image via techradar.

The game garnered a large amount of controversy, mainly due to its perceived negative impact…

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