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Pitch 1 – Taya Gregerson “FNAF”

For Taya’s digital artifact she will be exploring Five nights at Freddy’s, an exploration of text about the game media surrounding the FNAF series. A part of her digital artifact will be the idea of connecting to the audience by making a contextual report about the fnaf series. Something I’ll be interested in, but I don’t understand too much about the game history, so having a contextual report will be something to look forward to.

Pitch 2 – Riley Slowgrove “The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter Stream”

Riley DA will be about him live steaming the game “The Vanishing of Ethan Carter”, another DA which I’ll be interested in because I have no idea what this game is nor any information about it. This is something that will be explained by Riley as he does a playthrough of the game which would connect to the audiences…

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