Duke Nukem Forever: An Icarus Tale


Image: © 3D Realms

There are a few things everyone has that instantly brings them back to being a kid; it could be having Milo on ice cream, or maybe a trip to the dentist, whatever it may be, you see or do something that just conjures memories of a more carefree time in your life. To be honest, I rarely get this feeling these days, I mean I’m twenty-two and I still like Milo on ice cream and don’t like trips to the dentist. But I do get a sudden rush of nostalgia whenever I scroll past two games in my Steam Library: Doom and Duke Nukem 3D.

These are the first games I think I played on a PC, my father bought them (probably for himself), and I have played them for countless hours. I could map out the opening levels (even the secret areas) easily, and…

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