Word’s Hardest Game


From: RedFalconGames Youtube Channel

Word’s Hardest Game has to be the number one game that has made me feel way too many emotions. It always started with frustration, then anger, excitement and maybe one in ten times happiness. It’s true that Word’s Hardest Game is the most difficult game, but it’s also the most straightforward. Basically, there is a red block that you have to move to the other green side whilst collecting yellow coins if there are any. There are 30 levels in each of the two sections of the game. Many websites, such as crazy games and Primary Games, allow you to play Word’s Hardest Game for free.

Rhetorical analysis:

Rhetorical analysis is… the interaction between a text, an author, and an audience (Richard Nordquist 2019) The relationship between those three is how the game is addictive. The author made the game simple, free, and…

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