Psychedelic Nostalgia


LSD: Dream Emulator and the “Forgotten Game”

Image: The-Emu

Recently I’ve been thinking about forgotten games, I think we all know of or have played a game that no one else seems to remember, or maybe a playthrough of a game you didn’t know existed randomly popped up on YouTube and now you are obsessed with it, whatever it may be, there are very few things more exciting than finding out every detail about a game that seems to have been swept over by the sands of time.

But what makes these games ‘forgotten’? Is it the game was critically panned or didn’t sell well upon release or maybe it did and people just don’t talk about it as much as they should (seeTotal Overdose for the PS2). My theory as to why games, maybe more than other form of media, become forgotten so easily is because of…

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