Un-Subdermatoglyphics Dossier

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Un-Subdermatoglyphics is an Adventure-Card game with dice mechanics and continuous conflict spanned across multiple boards acting as regions put together to form a bigger board like the games’ main interface. It’s derived from the popular American-style board game, Ameritrash where individuality is one of the key aspects of the game for each player as gameplay will revolve around the takedowns of other players. The title of the game, Un-Subdermatoglyphics comes from the word ‘dermatoglyphic’ which is the scientific study of fingerprints, lines, mounts and shapes of hands, but that definition along with subdermatoglyphic’s definition doesn’t mean anything to the game as I wanted to make the title of the game make as little as sense as possible. This is shown in the ‘Un’ of the game along with ‘subdermatoglyphic’ being the longest English word without using the same letter twice and yet I added another ‘s’, the title stands…

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