Bastions of the Fleet – Building_On_Pitch_Presentation #BCM300

Jacob Suter


Game Narrative & Story World!

Bastions of the Fleet ArtWork– In a Retro and Synthwave Vinyl Sleeve

Themeis what will draw people to your game initially, and hook them throughout.”

Benjamin Kocher,

Bastions of the Fleet takes place during the 1980s during the tensions between the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and the United States of America now referred to as . These two superpowers became locked in a rivalry to position themselves as the new world order through campaigns. The period in which Bastions of the Fleet is set in the real-world events was the turning point and closure of The Cold War period , However within this alternative history look at the this a scenario in which the Cold War turned hot.

A US Navy E-2C of VAW-117 approaches the flight deck ofCourtesy: –…

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