Get Away: A backstory (or The joys and tribulations of being a solo ‘group’)

runaway towards the clouds with me

On a scroll, text "Get Away: Chaos at Yicheng"
Get Away: Intro page

 Get Away: Chaos at Yìchéng is a collaborative board game, where players aim to ‘get away’ with their given task. It allows players to take the part of the morally grey and be the killers in the story – whether or not the murder is justified is up to them.

Research into Game Mechanics

Dot points about game's theme, mechanics etc.
Get Away Outline

Something I spent a lot of time on was background research into games with a similar concept – I was aiming to start with some basic game mechanics before working on introducing a theme. As you can see, at this stage I had a very basic outline and very little else.

Initially, I was intrigued by the idea of hidden movement mechanics, so I looked into games such as Fury of Dracula, Last Friday, Final Girl and Ten Minutes to Kill. I watched review or…

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