BTS: First To Fame


First To Fame is a board game based on social media and the gaining of followers that occurs for influencers. The first ideation step left me and my team members brainstorming ideas and concepts for the game. Phoebe and I got to the point where we are just yelling back and forth about styles, game mechanics and processes of the game.  In terms of the ideas and background inspiration, the idea branched from our bcm325 DA which both connected to social media/ and of course our interests as I spend the majority of my time on my phone #antisocial 

Our group and the ‘creators’ of First to Fame include myself, Phoebe Wells and Casie Piccirilli.

A quick search through the App Store for some inspiration. Stumbling over a game that most certainly took up a big chunk of my time was Kim Kardashian Hollywood. This game’s main concept is to…

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