Creating The Outback Way: Teamwork Makes The Dream Work


By Dylan Brummell

Image:Moritz Retzsch – Die Schachspieler

It’s safe to say most of us just aren’t team players. I mean, if you think like me, then collaboration can lead to two horribly depressing outcomes, either you carry the team and end up doing other people’s jobs while trying to please said people in a kafkaesque cycle that leaves you crying into your laptop as you sign off the 32nd email with: ‘Does that suit you?’
The other option is a bit bleaker. You let the team down by not keeping your end of the bargain and know that you’re being silently judged while they make up for your shortcomings. Yes, group work is a daunting experience for me, ironic considering I want to get into filmmaking, perhaps one of the few mediums that rely on collaboration between departments to make something worthwhile; try to go it alone, you…

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