Dying Elves: You or Them? Pitching it To You


Game Ideaology: A lesson about selfishness (choosing the dying elves or yourself)

Dying elves is played on a grid space board where all character cards start in the middle along an x axis 

The aim of the game is to either save the elves or save yourself. At the top of the board is the elves’ lands and at the bottom is the route home. Along each step of the y axis is a new challenge to be faced. Also along the y axis are ingredients to a potion you need to obtain, once all ingredients are gathered you will conjure up a cure which will save the elves or enrich your own kingdom.

Your character card choice, men, dwarves or different fae comes with both advantages and disadvantages along the way. (e.g. if you are to face a dark tunnel ahead, the men may not be able to see…

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