Conspiracy Connoisseur

My Method:

In my video series, I will explore these theories mentioned in the video pitch, as well as the lecture and class topics. In the early prototyping stages of my DA I will do both the podcast and vlog but I may find one more effective than the other and opt to do one instead of two. My first video will be looking into why we are so fascinated by these theories, I will be doing a mini deep dive into The Conspiracy Theory of society (Popper, 2019) and how this will be a recurring theme throughout the videos.

Production timeline:

I have created this timeline to keep myself accountable and on track for my project. I intend to do a series of six mini videos or podcasts, possibly 3 on the mandella effect and 3 on new conspiracies. I’ve broken my week down into filming on Monday and Wednesdays and then researching for the videos on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I’ve given myself submission week off to reflect on my content and work on my DA.

My DA works under the FEFO and First concept:


In posting my blogs earlier in the week I hope to create a big feedback loop that I am able to reflect on by the time it comes to filming the next video.

Fast- TikTok is a super user friendly platform that helps speed up the time consumed in making a video.

Inexpensive- I won’t be spending money other than the time it takes to research and film the videos.

Simple and Tiny- My videos/ podcasts will be accessible and not overly long. Tiktok is a platform where you must grab the attention of the viewer within the first 3 seconds so I will be getting straight to the point in a simple manner.

I look forward to seeing the outcome of these videos and learning/ educating my audiences on new information.


Popper, K.R., 2019. The conspiracy theory of society. In Conspiracy theories (pp. 13-15). Routledge.

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