What’s really important is the friends we made along the way – and the monsters we slayed with them.

runaway towards the clouds with me

I am at heart a nerd, and someone who would consider themselves to be a board game hobbyist – although on quite a small scale. While I am not one to keep up with the latest releases or participate in crowdfunding, I grew up playing both mass-marketed and niche tabletop games – and am someone whose family has an excessive amount of monopoly boards. Every so often I’ll organise board game nights with my sister, her fiancée and some of our wider friend group – although as most boardgame fans will know, this often ends with very few games being played as you get sucked into an hours-long campaign.

I honestly couldn’t tell you what my favourite genre of board game is because I find most genres enjoyable – to me, it all depends on the atmosphere and the company you’re playing with. 

My collection (aka what can physically…

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