Gaming Gone Wild: Experiencing Games for Learning?!


Gaming Gone Wild – The Podcast That Was Meant To Be Four Episodes But Is Four Segments Because I’m An Idiot.

Card Thief

Card Thief is a Dungeon Pursuit themed game, gunning for adventure with the clear objective of the game being to get the treasure and get out unseen. The game is seemingly set as an older age castle conquest in which you as the card thief aims to exploit the riches of the castle. Card Thief is a amalgamation of both a card game and a dungeon crawling game, perfectly described by Jennifer Allen as “solitaire-meets dungeon game” (Allen, 2017). I am already a big fan of solitaire, so naturally I enjoyed playing this game. As discussed in the podcast, I enjoyed the strategic game although its long extensive yet not-quite in depth tutorial. Agreeing with this particular review, “Confused? Don’t sweat it. I’ve been playing…

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