Game Analysis of TableTop Golf “Mars Open”

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In this analysis for BCM 300 I will be going in detail of my experience with “Mars Open”, A game designed for 1-8 players and aged 8 plus. Mars Open Tabletop Golf is a board game from Bellwether Games, which released in 2018 designed by Dennis Hoyle, the game as the name suggests revolves around golf, With nine holes taking around 30 – 45 minutes to play.

In the video below I cover the details of how I found the game and my additional view of the game. Overall I found the game difficult to understand and the preparation before hand was some what irritating. So the longer it took to understand the set up of the game the harder it was for me to learn the process of the game and how it’s played. However I stuck it out to try my best to participate in Mars Open, the…

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