Analysis of Games

Games documented in the above video are: RiskScrabble, and Monopoly: Super Electronic Banking Edition.

Online Board Gaming/Learning Experience

Doing BCM300 as a subject online is quite hard. I really want to participate in the physical game plays of the board games.

The good news is that there are a vast variety of games that are available on the mobile phone or desktop even if it doesn’t compare to sitting around with physical players.

The last board game I mention in the video was a Monopoly game that I played recently and it was the last physical game I played. Even though it wasn’t a recent or fresh experience, I managed to document it quite well with what I was given.

My opinion and experience on PNP Arcade

For those who don’t know, PNP Arcade is a print and play board game site where you pick a game, print it out, and play to your hearts desire.

Overall, I have to agree that the concept is great for situations like lockdown or if you really have nothing else to do.

However, I downloaded over 5 free to play games and did not go through with playing any of them. They all seemed very complicated, required a lot of printing (don’t have a printer and Office Works was too far), required dice (I could use a dice generator online so wasn’t a big issue), and most importantly, way to much reading and learning time was required.

I just wanted a PDF game that would be easy to play but I could not find one.

From this experience I have gathered that I will be sticking to physical board games.

My favourite game of the 3

Out of the 3 games that I played, the most fun one in my opinion was Monopoly. There were a couple of reasons for this.

  • Background knowledge and experience in playing the game beforehand
  • Playing with others makes it more fun
  • Easy to learn – more people makes learning faster and easier
  • Physical items like bank cards are fun to use and different

The above is what make a good board game experience for me. I will definitely be playing it again and not just because I spent money on it.

Resources Used

I used this link to find out that Risk is an Ameritrash game.

This article gave a great analysis as to why Scrabble is considered a Eurogame.

This article gives a comparison of the different types of games including Ameritrash and Eurogame’s. This article also explains that Monopoly is a mass market game.

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