We finally got there in the end

runaway towards the clouds with me

Looking back at my DA


Ideation & Iteration

Originally the plan for my DA was to stream a different mobile rhythm game every few weeks and in the final project compare the various games with the framework of User Interface, monetisation and storyline/paratexts. I quickly decided against this model, as I wanted to offer a more in-depth analysis and thought focusing on one game, Rhythm Hive, would allow me to do this.

I also wanted to focus on Rhythm Hive because I’d put money into the game – purchasing the monthly subscriptions. I had only intended on paying for one but lost track of the free subscription on the other and ended up paying for both.

Timeline of weeks 10-13
DA Timeline week 10-13

I had wanted to make more content across varying platforms, especially Twitter and YouTube but found that to be too much – it took me longer than…

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