Examining ‘Flash Game Nostalgia’

Bonnie Stonestreet

Flash Game Nostalgia is a digital artefact created on TikTok that explores nostalgia in relation to the video game genre of flash games. A psychoanalytic lens informed the analysis of this project looking at the technology of flash, genres within flash games, and nostalgia.

After my first blog post for the subject ‘Game Media Industries’ on the 1991 video game Lemmings and a discussion about nostalgic games in a tutorial, I was inspired to create a project looking at nostalgic flash games from my past.


This project had two utilities for its audience. One was to create fun entertaining content for users so they would be able to reminisce and look back at the nostalgia of flash games.  The other utility was linked more deeply with my analytical framework as I aimed to create educational content for users to understand the impact of flash games and learn more about…

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