BCM215 Final DA and contextual report

This is a big difference between what I want to present and what I expected. A large part of the reason is that my time is not well arranged. But I still want to tell you my final thoughts. To be honest, I did not complete this course very well. Even though some surveys have been released, the feedback received is almost zero. I feel that I did not make good use of the media platform for publicity, and the technology is not enough.
Compared with the previous Pith and Beta, I updated and improved the project again. I consider that some people will feel dizzy on the 3D picture, for my users to have a better sense of experience, so I will not design him as a panoramic surround picture like this, but a simple tiled mode.

When I conceived my digital manpower, I thought that the aesthetic design of the game is very important. But at the beginning of the pitch, I did not focus on this point, but there was a concept in my mind to reject the existence of violent factors, and in the latter BETA, I added a few key points to improve DA, which is more detailed.
I have repeatedly emphasized that attracting audiences is crucial. User experience is the perception and response that a person produces as a result of using or expecting to use a product, system, or service. In his book “Emotion in Design”, Norman pointed out the importance of the user interface and the user’s emotional response to a well-designed product. In the traditional sense, it can only be played without too much modification. The aesthetic perspective is extended to interaction and participation to propose design processing, metaphors, and interactive techniques that can promote user interest, excitement, and a satisfying experience. (Sutcliffe, 2009)

In addition, I got inspiration from those who do live game broadcasts and game bloggers. Set up the game community in the game software and develop other derivatives for my project. This includes the official accounts of the game, such as Twitter such as LOL, and Minecraft. These accounts can release updated and upgraded content in a timely manner. And after gaining a certain degree of followers, you can even use the earned funds to produce character products. The special point is that these products are Chinese-style characters. I think they will be more attractive to audiences in Western countries. As well as the communication community section in the app itself, you can communicate and comment in real-time. Due to the poor completion of this project, I will create a Chinese and foreign column on my DA theme in the future and publish the same content. I think it is published in a dedicated section, so as to arouse more resonance, or comments and suggestions.

A definition closer to the marketing concept is “from acquiring, customizing and configuring interactive products, through learning and use, including maintenance and modification, and the end of product processing, the overall user experience that can be obtained”. I will focus on design and user experience, so a more limited definition is appropriate: “Users’ judgment on product quality comes from their interactive experience, as well as the quality of product design while producing effective use and fun.
Virtual worlds become attractive because they arouse curiosity and arousal; it is obviously not reality, but a copy close enough to be predictable. The interaction becomes transparent, that is, you don’t know the computer, but you feel immersed and immersed in the world of virtual graphics. This is why I have to add VR products to it.
In BETA, I mentioned the background music in retro games. In this update, I want to incorporate adult and childhood video games. A large part of the game market consists of grown-ups who make up technologies that were popular when they were young. One explanation for the recent success of retro games is that it creates a sense of nostalgia. Retro games are one of the sources of childhood memories and experiences of players. “Bars and bistros have begun to set up retro arcade machines to make it possible for customers to play Pac-Man. Or table tennis games. (Wulf et al., 2018)” This sentence gave me the inspiration to bring my version of switch into bars or game halls, and promote them in cooperation with them, and I think a lot of people get together The playing atmosphere will be more interesting. As the psychological resource and happiness of the player’s self-awareness-to some extent, retro games allow players to bring digital “time machines” to their past. Video games exist in the media attributes that define a generation, so their image is the iconic classic game of the past era. So I mentioned, “Squid Game” in Beta, which is a new era trend. But the main theme of my project is history, and I think history is also a testimony of the times.

Sutcliffe, A., 2009. Designing for User Engagement: Aesthetic and Attractive User Interfaces (Synthesis Lectures on Human-centered Informatics). Morgan & Claypool Publishers.

Wulf, T., Bowman, N., Rieger, D., Velez, J. and Breuer, J., 2018. Running Head: Video Game Nostalgia and Retro Gaming.

I hope I won’t fail because of this, haha, but I have done my best and may still be confused. 😦

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