Based on the feedback from the first assignment, I started to change some of the contents of my DA. But in fact, I don’t have much gaming experience, and I focus more on the creation of the game background. I still want to stick to the game with historical background as the core. The setting of the game is ancient Chinese style, spreading Chinese culture and showing the beauty of the East is the primary goal.

Since my ideas have not been completely perfected, there are not many interactions with the audience. However, through my review of the evaluation of past games related to history, the number of praises is much higher than that of derogations.

Now I want to go all out for the final version. For example, I will post polls or questions on Instagram/twitter to see what feedback people have on my ideas. In addition, there is the Chinese aspect, because my historical background will be set to China, so the Chinese audience is especially important to me. In order to attract my audience, I will let them input their opinions and let them participate in my project.

Recently, the Korean movie “Squid Game” is very popular. Some games in it have set off a wave of craze on the Internet, almost motivating people from all over the world to participate in it. Since I have been adhering to the principle of opposing violence from the very beginning of the design, the bloody part of the movie will not appear in my digital artefact at all. I think in addition to the computer version, it can also be combined with the PS game console to use an interactive mode to play with family and friends. “Sugar Game” is the most popular in the film. Used in the game I conceived, it is a small level. It is used in the competition between opponents and operated through the game controller to enhance the excitement and increase the interactivity.

Game of the same name

We know that different countries have different music styles, and many times you will immediately know where it belongs as soon as you hear bgm.

The importance of music in early video games is huge. If you are an ordinary game player, you may immediately hum the melody (BGM) of “Super Mario Bros.”, but have you ever stopped to think about it? How important is the soundtrack to your gaming experience? If not, the game will not be so attractive and interesting, and it will not be impressive. Using music tracks in a more creative way to help create the atmosphere of the game, and correspondingly accompany the player at every step of the game, these technologies enable players to be more fully immersed in the game than ever before. In Chinese-style games, classical music is more in line with it, just like with Chinese classical instruments such as zither, erhu, and pipa.

In addition, I was inspired by this feature of Apple’s mobile phone. In the animation part of the game characters, you can imitate this function of Apple, and have a more sense of substitution. Characters of different status have different looks. It is in line with the popular “immersive experience”.

The project is still improving. . .

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