“Smile If You Love Lemmings”

Bonnie Stonestreet

“Smile If You Love Lemmings”. This is one of my favourite and most nostalgia-inducing songs from the video game Lemmings. Not to be confused with the small rodent called a Lemming, but we are talking about the 90s video game Lemmings.

As someone brought up in the world of video games and even games before my time, I remember playing games like Monkey Shines, Donkey Kong Country, Prince of Persia 2, and my personal favourite, Lemmings. While Monkey Shines scarred me for life, Lemmings was a video game that I look back on fondly.

If you don’t know anything about this game (which I assume most of you wouldn’t, unless you were alive in the 90s or had a cool parent who brought you up with it), the player must guide multiple…

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