Participation Frameworks and Flash Games

Bonnie Stonestreet

For my digital artefact, I will be posting TikToks of nostalgic flash games and my memory of them. I will also be posting some videos where I will be using my analytical framework to analyse this media text.

young women avatar using smartphones devices vector illustration design on Vecteezy, [Click for source]

Scholar Raessen created the analytical frameworks of the types and techniques of participation, in his work ‘Computer Games as Participatory Media Culture’. Below I will explore these frameworks to explore the participatory elements of my project.

Techniques of Participation


Multimediality is tied to technological convergence and digitisation that have made “it possible to merge the ability to transfer sound, pictures, and the written word with the capability to do all that simultaneously” (ebrary, n.d.). My project will consist of TikTok videos that merge musical audio, the visuals of gameplay videos and…

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