Generation Flash: Pitching ‘Flash Game Nostalgia’

Bonnie Stonestreet

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Gaining initial thoughts on my Digital Artefact idea on twitter before starting my research

There are many resources that will aid in my exploration of flash games in relation to my analytical framework. Articles such as those from Makar (2002) and Neeta (2018) will be useful in understanding the different genres within flash games. There are many articles on nostalgia in the gaming industry including those on nostalgia and wellbeing (Wulf, et al. 2020), as well as game history and nostalgia (Esposito, n.d.). Articles like ‘Generation Flash’ by Manovich (n.d.) will be useful in understanding the flash system itself and the technological affordances it provides in relation to gaming.

My research on flash games themselves will likely come from more non-academic sources as these I’ve found to be more specific to my topic. There are many articles that delve into how flash games have shaped the…

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