One Framework to Rule Them All (It’s Mine)

James Burnes

As my research has developed, I’m still happy with the framework I proposed in week 2. The combination of Runescape’s technique, community and nostalgia work well to examine the reasons why people choose one game over the other. It also has the scope of involving the game’s mechanics while also considering outside influence from the player and community. 

My framework from week 2


This falls into structural analysis, as described in the book ‘Textual Analysis, Digital Games, Zombies’ (Carr 2009), looking at the elements that make up a text and how these inform each other. 

Technique isn’t unique to games, as it can be applied to any text to analyse the parts that make up a whole. For example, the above reference mentions everything from analysing playing cards to folklore. This form of structural analysis of games is used in any game review that takes into consideration…

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