Participatory Elements: an examination of Fishdom

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Raessen’t defined types of participation into three categories. These included interpretation, reconfiguration and construction. Accompanying these are the techniques of participation including: multimediality, virtuality, interactivity and connectivity. All of these techniques and types work hand in hand.

What do these mean? Well here’s what I think they mean…

Multimediality is pretty straightforward. Multimediality is the use of more than one media. So in this case, it means the use of text, video and audio. Fishdom uses multimediality as it uses a variety of sound effects, background music, text and video in conjunction with each other.

Virtuality is the experience of codes as having a temporal and spatial dimension. What does this mean in terms of Fishdom? Fishdom is a game that exists in the virtual universe which we experience in the real world through the use of a device.

Interactivity can be defined, in terms of game media, as, ‘the…

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