Elements of Participation in Runescape

James Burnes

Runescape has been around for over 20 years and has developed along with the desires of players and the MMO landscape as a whole. Trends have come and gone, with the best parts picked out to refine the user experience. However, over this time, the core gameplay loop has maintained, level up and kill harder enemies. So how has Runescape maintained a player base with enthusiastic participation? This can be deciphered using Raessent’s analytical frameworks surrounding techniques and types of participation (Raessens 2005).

Techniques of Participation

Multimedia – This entails the use of multiple visual and auditory elements all sharing code. For Runescape, the main staples include the graphics and 3D models that make up the world, the music that changes based on the location of the player in the world, the interface that outlines everything about your avatar and the animations for skilling and fighting. Compared to other…

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