Review and Updates For BCM215

I really appreciate my peers’ comments and suggestions on my post. To further answer their questions, yes, I will be using my personal instagram account @kunal.choudhary.5678 to promote my blog but I have also decided to switch it from a private to a public account. This way I will be able to interact with a larger number of people. I will also be doing instagram polls, where i will ask my audience questions that they can answer just with a touch on the screen making it for them to answer my questions and me to know their views on different levels and graphics of the game.Just like Ashleigh mentioned, this game is very nostalgic for her, i believe it is for a lot of people out there.

So, I have also decided to play a few levels of the game while live streaming it on instagram, this way i can ask my friends, family and others who i have opened my account up to, questions and also answer them in real time, this will really keep everyone engaged and make the experience really fun. I will also be doing more research and providing more hyperlinks so that the audience can stay updated and informed through my blog.

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