Peer Comments & Reflection

Amy Dunn

Comment 1

My 1st comment was on Paris Fabian-Carter’s pitch. Paris’s DA is going to be looking at drinking games and will determine whether paid or free games are better.

What I liked:

  • Clearly established project timeline
  • identified target audience and multiple feedback loops that will inform the content of the project.
  • Relevance to current events which will likely help her establish an audience quickly

What I Suggested

  • How to improve the analytical framework in a way that would better relate to Paris’s target audience and public utility. I did this by providing academic sources that Paris could use as a starting point for further research
  • Suggesting ways to re-frame the analytical framework (looking at context as to why people play drinking video games as opposed to why they are made)

What I could have done better

  • While I think this is my strongest comment of the three, it…

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