BCM215 Reflecting from violent games

As I said in DA, to reduce the controversy caused by games. The controversy of violent games is a particularly important category. I put an end to all games that have violent and bloody factors. In the past two years, Trump severely criticized a wave of the American video game industry, saying that video games are the chief culprit for violence and recent shootings. Once Rockstar’s “Grand Theft Auto” series, there are many tragedies caused by it. Contrary to the passive nature of TV and movies, the interactive nature of video games makes them a rehearsal or training process for violent behavior (Goodson 2021)

Discussions about violent games have also been heated up in China. The core view of the deputies of the National People’s Congress is that video games will have a negative effect on the growth of young people and children, and will also promote the violent tendency of this group. This is actually similar to Trump’s view.
Since I want to focus on young people, I am now talking about them. Among the many game software, there are many bloody and violent online games. When many teenagers see this kind of game again, they are first curious, then enthusiasm, and finally addicted. This is undoubtedly a fatal blow and injury to young people who have not yet matured physically and mentally.
The harm of violent games is divided into two kinds of effects
Short-term effects:

1. Increase physiological arousal. Studies have shown that playing violent video games can cause rapid heartbeat and increased blood pressure.

2. Increase aggressive cognition. Playing such games for a long time will make young people become accustomed and insensitive to violence in real life. This affects minors especially because they may not be aware of the true consequences of violence.

3. Increase aggressive mood.
Long-term effects:

  1. Increase aggressive behavior. Playing violent video games is positively correlated with aggressive behavior. The survey by Gentile et al. found that teenagers who often play violent video games report more and more frequent aggressive behaviors, such as quarrels and fights. The experimental research also came to the same conclusion: Compared with playing non-violent video games, those teenagers who played violent video games showed more aggressive behaviors during and after the game.
  2. Reduce pro-social behaviors.
    People are always curious about things that are unknown and cannot be tried in the real world, which has contributed to the increase in the acceptance of violent games in the market. In fact, if you want to expand the market of your own game products, you do not have to produce violent games. Entertainment is the first, and violence against other players in the game cannot directly lead to happiness. After all, peace is the theme of today’s era, and what the game delivers requires positive energy and positive.

Xinghan Chen is the Chinese producer of the games “Cloud”, “Floating World” and “Flower” and “Light Yu”. He once said that “making violent games will not help the entire industry”. He hopes to stimulate people’s other emotions through games. Let them discover the benevolent side of human nature, thereby attracting more players.

Reference List

Simon Goodson and Kirstie J. Turner.Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking.Jan 2021.3-4. <http://doi.org/10.1089/cyber.2020.29205.vvg>


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