BCM215 Combine criticism of controversial games and reference to excellent games

Combining the opinions of the previous blogs and the continuous iteration process of my digital artifacts, I am sure I want to develop digital artifacts, but I will better avoid the occurrence of war content in electronic video games. It’s like a simulation game like “Hundred Scenes of the South of the Yangtze River”, with some archaic genres.
Secondly, focusing on the educational significance of games is also a top priority. Due to the rapid development of technology, you will see a lot of elementary school students wearing glasses playing games on the iPad, and even kindergarten children are already receiving vulgar video games. Therefore, in the fourth week of the pitch, I talked about the perspectives of the majority of gamers focusing on teenagers. In this week, I will make a small change, which is also aimed at gamers of groups such as kindergarten and elementary school students. Not only that, but in order to broaden the audience to adults and not block the market, I think parents and children playing games together is a more innovative way. Because I know that many of “PUBG” and “LOL” are played by children with their parents, playing qualifying matches and so on. So I think this plan is feasible. In the following blog, I will focus on the importance of education in games and how to better integrate them.

“Civilization 5” is a historical strategy turn-based game developed by Firaxis Games and released in 2K. Demo was launched in September 2010 and released in North America on September 21, 2010. It will be launched globally on September 24, 2010. On sale. Although it is a game involving war, as I said above, eliminating the element of war, on the other hand is education. It can enrich children’s historical insights and let children understand human society during the game. The development process of the hunter-gathering civilization has a deeper understanding of the Internet era. There are 18 civilizations in the original “Civilization”, plus 7 new civilizations added in the later DLC, for a total of 25. Different historical backgrounds are more attractive to players than a single country. Games that are both fun and knowledgeable are what I want to develop.

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