All Hail the Great Mighty Poo, Remembering Conkers Bad Fur Day

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Conkers Bad Fur Day is a Platformer released in 2001 by Rare on the Nintendo 64. Its appearance and gameplay is very similar to more well known classics of the time, such as Banjo Kazooie and Ape Escape, however Conkers Bad Fur Day was intended for a mature audience. Conkers Bad Fur day was made notable by its inclusion of several mature themes, including Heavy Drinking, Coarse Language and a plethora of adult jokes and references. However what it is perhaps most commonly remembered by is a certain boss known as the Great Mighty Poo, a opera singing poo that you defeat by feeding it toilet paper and finally flushing it down a pipe, I’ve included a video of this below. More on the actual game here.

For a total in depth analysis of this game I would begin by comparing it against other Platforming games that were…

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