Bcm215 Pitch


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Angry Birds is a multiplatform video game created in 2009 by the Rovio Entertainment Corporation. Each level of the game consists of a collection of structures made out of blocks in which comic pig characters are hiding; the player has to fire from a slingshot differ- ent bird characters, each having different abilities and moods. (Stephenson et al., 2018; Khalifa, 2018) 

After a brief introduction of the Game now I will tell you guys that what I am going to do for my digital Artifact,

To create my Digital Artifact I Will be making my weekly videos on a really catchy and known game ‘ Angry bird’  during this I will be creating polls on my social media and other questionnaires that will help me evaluate my studies I will be focusing on 3 aspects   of the games based on which I will be talking about is the changes which have been made in the game like graphics and other tasks and the difficulties which makes a person more curious to play the game again and again . further more I will be creating my weekly content the will be a breakdown of my digital artifact as  per the time table given below .

This is going to be a whole way track down to the conclusion to be made for my digital artifact and I’ll try my best to make my blog one of the most exciting and entertaining one .


Wikipedia Contributors (2019). Angry Birds. [online] Wikipedia. Available at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Angry_Birds.

Genesereth, M. and Björnsson, Y. (2013). The International General Game Playing Competition. AI Magazine, 34(2), p.107.


  1. Hi Kunal, well done on submitting your pitch for BCM215. ‘Angry Birds’ was a very popular game in my household when my Dad bought his first iPhone so the game is very nostalgic to me and I’m interested to see where you take this study. You spoke well in your pitch video, and the visual aids you used were pieced together well. I can tell that you had a clear idea of what you planned to do, though the video did cut you off mid-sentence toward the end so hopefully we didn’t miss anything (maybe check that out if you get a chance!) I liked that you gave your audience a clear background of the game, if you hadn’t mentioned when it was created I wouldn’t have known how long it had been around for. Though you did give an indication of how you were going to conduct your research (weekly videos on the game and social media polls) it would be good to have a bit more clarity on the utility. Will you be playing the game in these weekly videos? Will you have a social media account dedicated to the game, or will the polls be posted on your personal accounts?
    My only other comments are that though you Harvard referenced as suggested in the criteria, perhaps include some hyperlinks next time so your audience can follow along.
    All in all, great work. Can’t wait to see more!


  2. Hi Kunal, your pitch was really well done! Your blog post was really well written and provided a clear outline of what you are doing for your DA this semester, the video had interesting points and the video content was great! I am also doing Angry Birds for my DA so it will be interesting to see a different perspective on the game and I am really looking forward to seeing your progress! Will you be adopting a specific platform to engage with your audience or using your personal account? I have found using my personal account actually worked better for my previous DAs, given I had already established a following and people were more willing to engage with my content. My only note is there was a lack of secondary research which would have helped your post, I probably go overboard but there are so many articles out there such as this one (https://www.theguardian.com/artanddesign/2016/feb/23/how-we-made-angry-birds) that provides an insight into the graphics of the game!
    Overall you did an amazing job, can’t wait to see how this develops further 🙂


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