Stardew Valley Reinventing the Farming sim

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For the Background video and audio I have used the Stardew Valley Trailer by ConcernedApe, for the full Stardew Valley Trailer please Click Here

Week no.What I aim to complete
Week 5learning how to use Audacity, Davinci Resolve and OBS plus completing blog post 3
Week 6Filming and releasing initial video on Stardew Valley as new baseline
Week 7Filming and releasing Farming Simulator 17 has a example of before since it was developed and released before Stardew Valley’s influence
Week 8Filming and releasing Graveyard Keeper as a example of a game that was influenced by Stardew Valley
Week 9Filming and releasing Minecraft mod pack Farming Valley, a mod designed to emulate Stardew Valley
Mid-session BreakBackup week in case I’m behind schedule, if not then extra time for working on the Beta
Week 10Building and working on the Beta
Week 11If…

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