BCM215 Pitch – Old V New Scape

James Burnes

As a rough timeline, I aim to stream for an hour on Saturday and Sunday of each week, alternating between games. I will stream from week 4 until week 9, after which I’ll compile the important parts of the footage and notes I have collected and begin applying my model. Starting during beta week (week 10), I’ll begin creating a script for my final video essay and collating footage to correspond with it. After this, I aim to complete my final video essay and corresponding explanatory blog post in week 13.

In terms of research, there will be a combination of academic, scholarly sources and alternative resources like videos, subreddit posts and websites. Based on my starting research, there will be a slant towards non-academic, as they’re more specific to my topic, but I aim to find as many academic resources as I can. The primary use for non-academic…

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