The Worst Simpsons Game Ever!


Everyone loves to talk about the amazing Simpsons Hit & Run (2003) video game, however, very few speak or even its predecessor ‘The Simpson’s Wrestling’ (2001), only release on the PlayStation. I believe this is terrible game and a wasted License. Now, it is important to recognise my ‘bad’ may be different to your ‘bad’. I define bad consider two things: the gameplay and its player reception.

Let’s get into it!

The Simpsons franchise is arguable one of the most affluent and popular franchises, with TV series, movies, toys, and of course video games. I personally don’t like the idea of developers creating a game off the success of popular TV, but I digress. My analysis of the video game being ‘bad’ is half dependent on the gameplay, however, media archaeology in video games is not interested in the content of the game whatsoever. This is important because I…

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