The Fall of Just Dance

Just Dance‘, a motion based dance video game developed and published by Ubisoft for the Wii in 2009. This game would go on to release a multitude of games adapted for every new year. The game was created for multiple players to dance to choreographed songs released in the modern day and the year the games would be released. The first release in 2009 was not initially successful, gaining a 49% success rating on Metacritic. The game was reviewed by critics as being ‘simplistic’ and lacking in progress, further criticized on the lack of downloadable content for the game. The game was criticised as having no challenge and terrible game controls.

The failure of the game is possible to have occurred due to the release of many other games throughout the year of 2009, with many of these games being some of the most popular first-person shooter, action-adventure and skill based games; examples of such games being ‘Wii Sports Resort’,  ‘Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony’ and ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’- released only days, before the release of Just Dance. The correlation between release of these other games; which received much higher success ratings, coupled with the critical rating of the game further impacted the reception of the game.

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The release of more challenging and story driven games within the year of 2009, certainly resulted in the game being pushed into the background. In addition to the lack of advertisement for the game, as other Wii exclusive games that held higher standing; such as newer Nintendo games, were being produced and greatly advertised to the game market.

The development of the game market with the release of some of the most iconic and more popular games of 2009, as well as the lacklustre gameplay and terrible rating that the first Just dance issue received, resulted in the failure of Ubisoft’s Just Dance (2009).

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